Windows 10-Open File Explorer to This PC

It was initially frustrating to discover that clicking on the File Explorer icon (Start Button) in Windows 10 sent me to the ‘Quick Access’ view. Trying to be helpful, annoyingly, through ‘Quick Access’ Microsoft is suggesting folders and files you have lately or frequently used, assuming you wish to access them again. As with Cortana and Edge, I don’t need and certainly don’t want Microsoft trying to anticipate or influence my needs and wants. If you feel the same way, you can readily change where File Explorer initially sends you. I prefer that File Explorer open to ‘This PC’. (‘This PC’ is what Microsoft used to call ‘My Computer’ and later, just ‘Computer’. Should you desire to change ‘This PC’ back to ‘My Computer’, here are the instructions.) This blog will detail the instructions for opening File Explorer to ‘This PC’.

  • Click the Start Button.
  •  Click the File Explorer icon.
  • On the view that opens, click View on the menu.
  • Click Options (far right of View menu).Changing to This PC
  • One drop down choice will appear: Change folder and search options.
  • Click on Change folder and search options.
  • The following Folder Options window will open:
  • Changing to This PC3
  • Click the down arrow to the right of Open File Explorer to:.
  • Select This PC.
  • Click Apply and OK to close the window.
  • Close File Explorer and reopen to This PC.
  • Your screen should look something like this:Changing to This PC 4