Six Must-Haves for a Teacher Effectiveness Technology Platform

At EdSurge we find another numbered sure thing. Every day we see hundreds of the X Best…., X Ways to…., X Keys to…., X Must-Haves…., XX Apps That…, X Steps…., and on and on. Many of the recommended apps and applications are probably useful but do you really want to spend hours daily reviewing and testing them? And many, if not most, of the others are platitudinous and, frankly, embarrassing. Just take a look at the “Six Must-Haves for a Teacher Effectiveness Technology Platform.”

1. The platform must deliver high-quality professional development resources.

2. It must provide on-demand, 24/7 access.

3. It must provide highly targeted and personalized PD.

4. It must facilitate teacher collaboration.

5. It must offer robust administrative tools.

6. It must be easy to use.

No doubt Ms. and Mr. Administrator have been sitting on their hands eagerly waiting for this sage advice. Now teaching and learning can continue unabated. But wait! Have you fully implemented the Four Keys to Successful School Improvement and the Five Proven Steps to Promote Great Teaching?