More on CCSS & PARCC in Illinois

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch. Where are the unions on this mess? Read a career teacher’s open letter to Cindy Kickna, President of IEA. This is what gives unions a bad name. Who do they really represent if not the teachers and students?

Just one paragraph:

Please, if you are going to take our money and purport to represent teachers collectively in Illinois, it is incumbent upon you to educate yourself about the reality of the monumental bamboozle that is corporate reform. I recommend Diane Ravitch’s book Reign of Error for starters, and her blog is a daily format for exposing the damaging effects of the move to privatize and profitize education. Todd Farley’s book Making the Grades is an insider’s expose of Pearson’s shoddy test design process and and standardized test-grading mills.