1:1 Lessons Learned from LAUSD Continue

We’ve all heard of the LAUSD 1:1 debacle but as the title states, “The saga continues: Report finds ongoing iPad problems at LAUSD“. At a cost of $340,000, the Washington, D.C.-based American Institutes for Research conducted a review of the current 1:1 situation. They released their report on September 2. What they discovered is that little has changed and that the district continues to fail at proper planning, testing, preparation, and execution. Something I could have told them for far fewer dollars. Back in October of 2013 a guest blogger at K12 News Network published a chart that details the difference between a successful implementation and the LAUSD failure. Very telling. The questions that continue to go unanswered is, Why did LAUSD officials mess up so badly and why do they continue to do so? What is wrong at the district level?                          LewisvilleISD-LAUSD