Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, scheduled to replace Internet Explorer, is touted to make browsing simpler and will be available soon (possibly as early as this Wednesday if you have reserved the Windows 10 update). Personally I am and have been a Chrome user for a long time, in part because it ‘seems’ faster and because it is integrated with many other Google products. But I definitely plan to try out Microsoft’s new browser.

Here is a PC World non-critical “how-to” and review of the a number of Edge features. Of interest are Cortana (highlight a particular word or phrase and upon right-click, Cortana will summon a sidebar that will provide definition and help), Reading View (strips out all the extraneous ads, navigation bars, everything), Reading List (essentially a temporary bookmark of a story you want to read, but not keep forever), and Web Notes (takes a snapshot of the static page, then drops down a header with shortcuts to a digital pen, highlighter, and eraser),