Equity of Opportunity for All Students

Let’s just say I am wealthy. I’m not wealthy, not even upper-middle,  but let’s just say I am and that my annual income is at least in the mid six figures. My only child upon whom I unabashedly dote, attends a K-8 middle school in the Sunset Ridge School District 29 in Northfield, Cook County, Illinois which in 2014 had an operating expense per pupil (OEPP) of $24,452.92.  During the same school year the average OEPP for Cook County was $13,088.47.

Now, the question I have to ask myself is, in the interest of equity of opportunity for all students, at least in Cook County, would I agree that the Sunset Ridge School District should forfeit $11,367.45 of the amount now being spent to educate my child?