What are the desirable personal and professional characteristics of a good manager/supervisor?

A good manager is a manager in the traditional sense:  performs the planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling functions in an acceptable and safe manner.  However, an “excellent” manager is a manager and an excellent leader.  Successful leaders are creative visionaries who develop and pursue goals, objectives and values in a collaborative, communicative, transparent, motivational and cooperative manner while demonstrating that they sincerely care about and respect the stakeholders.  An excellent leader realizes that mission accomplishment and valuing and taking care of people are not a zero sum game but are interdependent.  Leaders can readily extrapolate operational objectives from strategic missions and goals and facilitate accomplishment.  Being visionaries, leaders are not afraid to take calculated risks.  A good manager is reactive; an excellent manager is proactive.  Manager-leaders are experts in their field, lead by example, are team players as well as team leaders and are capable of applying differing leadership styles depending on the nature and urgency of the situation.