instaGrok – a better search/research tool

I’ve not been a big fan of introducing apps into education that are not readily transferable to life after school. There are exceptions when the apps promote age appropriateness and significantly facilitate the learning process. After an initial review, I believe instaGrok does both especially in a 1:1 program coupled with a partial flipped classroom environment.


What is instaGrok?

instaGrok is an educational Internet search engine and research tool that provides a visual mind map of  themes related to search keywords wherein users can:

  • customize the map by drilling down into the mind map and virtually pin web sites, facts, videos and more
  • take notes in a  journal and create an instant bibliography (EasyBib)
  • self-assess
  • share work

Why instaGrok?

Self-discovery & self-learning = skills

  • Search becomes research
  • Facilitates critical thinking (concept synthesis)
  • Enhances writing & vocabulary
  • Promotes academic language
  • Systems perspective (see the connections)
  • Safe – age-appropriate academic web orientation



SAMR and instaGrok