Students Are Bored! Duh….


Latest HSSSE results show familiar theme: bored, disconnected students want more from schools

Some excerpts:
The numbers between 2006 and 2009 have consistently shown a troubling trend among high school students in the U.S.”

“‘We’ve got similar numbers in terms of kids who are bored every day — about 49 percent of the kids are bored every day, 17 percent every class. That’s two-thirds of the kids who are bored at least every day.'”

But students did clearly indicate what might motivate them. Asked to respond to the statement that they welcome opportunities to be creative at school, 82 percent said they agree or strongly agree. As for what methods they preferred in the classroom, 65 percent agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, ‘I like discussions in which there are no clear answers.’

“‘Many students would be more engaged in school if they were intellectually challenged by their work. Discussion and debate is still one of the highest rated kinds of teaching, as are group projects,’ Yazzie-Mintz [project director] said. ‘Technology projects, art and drama projects also have a good number of kids saying they really like this type of teaching.'”
Now we need a study to determine if cause (bored) and effect (substandard performance) are in play–more money wasted on the obvious.