Free Teacher Professional Development Opportunities

The following are taken from

Adobe professional development workshops offer free, live online
product demonstrations, or view recorded online presentations and
seminars on how to implement digital communication skills and
eLearning solutions.
Suits: K–12 teachers, trainers, administrators
Costs: Free
Locations and Dates: Online, anywhere/anytime

The Adobe Online Professional Development Resource Center offers
resources for schools and districts that want to use Adobe products for
online professional development. Resource support is available to create
and distribute on-demand professional development content,
incorporate live sessions with Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro and provide
guides for learners using Adobe Acrobat 9 PDF portfolio files. The free
PDF guides offer step-by-step help.
Suits: K–12 teachers, administrators, professional development staff
Costs: Free resource support; check online for Adobe product education

Annenberg Media uses media and telecommunications to advance
excellent teaching in American schools. Annenberg professional
development resources consist of instructional video-on-demand programs
with coordinated Web and print materials for K–12 professional
development. The VoD courses, searchable by discipline and grade, include
a Facilitator Guide and Teacher Talk email discussion list.
Suits: K–12 teachers, administrators, professional development staff
Costs: Free online; purchased on VHS/DVD by phone at 800-LEARNER
Locations and Dates: Online, anywhere/anytime
Credits: Graduate credit available

Tech & Learning and HP have teamed up to provide a free
professional development series called Fundamentals of K–12
Technology Programs. Each of the ten identified issues is a PDF
package that can be printed. The ten topics include Anytime, Anywhere
Learning, Technology Systems, Educational Technology Leadership, and
21st Century Learning and Assessment. Registration is free and includes
an option to receive free copies of Tech&Learning digital edition.
Suits: K–12 teachers, administrators, trainers, technology coordinators
Costs: Free
Locations and Dates: Online, anywhere/anytime

Here is a set of practices from The Knowledge Loom that support the
effective integration of technology into the curriculum. Good Models
of Teaching with Technology (GMOTT) is a free resource for assisting
teachers in preparing technology-enhanced units and lessons. The practices
are detailed in online spotlight selections or can be downloaded as an entire
book. Project samples are included along with a template that guides the
creation of customized units and lessons.
Suits: K–12 teachers, administrators
Costs: Free
Locations and Dates: Online, anywhere/anytime

Internet4Classrooms’ technology tutorials are easy to manage modules,
searchable by specific technology skill or selected as a complete module
set for a software application or technology integration project. Dozens of
available topics cover a wide range of technology tutorials, including
operating systems, Web page development, multimedia and WebQuests.
Suits: K–12 teachers, administrators
Costs: Free
Locations and Dates: Online, anywhere/anytime

The Intel Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches is a self-paced,
interactive course from the Intel Teach initiative. Explore project-based
approaches in your classroom that are free, just-in-time professional
development. The animated tutorials and interactive knowledge-checking
exercises help motivate and ensure deeper understanding of 21st century
learning concepts. Offline activities help teachers apply the concepts.
Suits: K–12 teachers, administrators
Costs: Free
Locations and Dates: Online, anywhere/anytime

NCTM e-Workshops for fall cover a variety of math topics at different
levels, preK–12. Featured topics for fall include algebra, problem solving,
geometric thinking, math games and reasoning with data and probability.
Click the Fall 2009 schedule to register for specific titles. Each math topic is
a structured three-hour workshop or two 90-minute sessions consisting of
an initial workshop and a follow-up. One registration fee connects an entire
group to the session using one Internet connection, one phone line for the
live program with a projected or large-screen computer and speakerphone.
Participants get one electronic copy of the activities used in the e-Workshop
for classroom implementation.
Sample Session: Reasoning with Data and Probability – Grades 3 to 5
Participants: Grades 3–5; additional sessions for preK–2
Date: October 5, 2009; follow-up session, November 16, 2009
Suits: K–12 teachers
Costs: $179 fall registration
Locations and Dates: Vary; see online schedule
Credits: Credit available

PBS TeacherLine offers more than 100 online professional
development courses in content areas, such as math, reading and technology
integration. Teacherline courses are developed through partnerships with
national leaders, such as the Concord Consortium, ISTE and McREL. The
newly updated Tech330 explores Web 2.0 tools (wikis, blogs and social
networking) within the context of collaborative classroom projects.
Suits: K–12 teachers, administrators, technology staff
Costs: Free trial for 30 days; Tech330, $199; check Web site or call
(800) 572-6386 for subscription pricing for all courses
Locations and Dates: Online, anywhere/anytime
Credits: graduate credits available; 2 credits for Tech330
Plus: The PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection offers more than 200
professional development modules for coaching, mentoring and
communities of practice.
Suits: K–12 coaches, trainers, administrators
Costs: Free trial for 30 days
Locations and Dates: Online, anywhere/anytime

The Northeast & The Islands Regional Technology in Education
Consortium (NEIRTEC) has compiled papers, lessons, tools and guides
to support technology planning and integration. Of particular note is the
Collaborative Evaluation Led by Local Educators: A Practical, Print-and
Web-Based Guide. The detailed guide links to how-to Web resources for
each stage of evaluation.
Suits: K–12 teachers, administrators, technology integration team
Costs: Free

The Professional Development Focus of the Year series identifies
resources from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
journals, publications, Web sites, e-Workshops and sessions at the Annual
Meeting and Regional Conferences that relate to one of the key themes
from Principles and Standards of School Mathematics. The 2009 focus is
Equity: All Means All. Resources are categorized by Elementary, Middle
School and High School, and past Focus of the Year themes are archived.
Articles cover general classroom strategies, research and publications.
Enhanced articles include a professional development guide with discussion
questions, activities and extensions. Articles can be purchased and
downloaded directly from the Web site.

ProQuest’s Training & Support Center offers quick-start guides,
free-Web training sessions, recorded videos, PowerPoints, information on
setting up in-person training and more. Get video podcasts via Apple iTunes
and Adobe Flash. Click Web Class Lists | Dates for the free Web Training
Classes. Whether you select self-paced or on-site, the extensive list of
workshops makes it easy to find training to meet individual or staff needs.
Register for a free trial of ProQuest K–12 to explore the research tools.
Suits: K–12 teachers, administrators
Costs: Free
Locations and Dates: Online, anywhere/anytime; see online schedule for Web
training classes

Thinkfinity offers several free professional development training
opportunities for individual educators to learn more about the Verizon
Foundation’s Thinkfinity resource. The following options are available:
• Self-guided overview
Audience: Educators, parents, after-school practitioners
Delivery: Online via FLASH (15 minutes)
• Educator Webinar
Audience: Educators
Delivery: Interactive Webinar (1 hour)
• Thinkfinity Literacy Network Offerings
Audience: Educators; literacy program administrators, staff and
volunteers; students of all ages; English language learners; parents and
caregivers; community members
Delivery: Online courses, self-paced and self-moderated (30 to 90 minutes
per course)
Suits: K–12 teachers, trainers, administrators, professional development
Costs: Free
Locations and Dates: Online, anywhere/anytime